KWUA Energy Supply Improvement Project

As a result of the KWUA Capacity Study findings, a new project was initiated, June 2020, to provide reliable, affordable power supply for KWUA. Lack of reliable power supply has been identified as a primary factor that inhibits KWUA from delivering potable water to local villagers, particularly in the high demand, dry season (September through December).

EWB-APC is working to progress a project that will provide a robust, reliable power supply mix to KWUA to assure that the pumps are able to operate and deliver the water requirements to the system end users.

The project will be implemented in two phases. Phase 1 (2020) assures reliable back-up power supply is available. Please refer to the Facts Sheet for more detail on Phase 1 of the project. And Phase 2 (beginning 2021) will address power supply affordability which will support long-term power supply reliability as well as the sustainability of the overall operation.

Sept 2020 Donor Appeal   A donor appeal went in September to fill the fundraising gap remaining for our Phase 1 Energy Supply Improvement Project.  See this blurb for a brief history of the project and plans.

Updated Nov 17, 2020: Thanks to the generous contributions from our friends, family, neighbors, and our sponsoring organizations and foundations, our campaign was successful!  Implementation is occurring at this time!  The generator was purchased the week on Nov 10, 2020.  And it was shipped to the KWUA location on Nov 17.  Commissioning work is occurring at this time.  We anticipate start-up of the generator by the end of the week!  This start-up will bring an end to water system outages caused by grid power outages.  Local village community members will have a reliable source of potable water supply.

Updated Dec 12, 2020:  After successful commissioning and start-up of the new generator during the week of Nov 17, the new generator has already been utilized during power outages to keep potable water flowing and the system available to the end-users!  More photos are available here.  KWUA and EWB-APC will continue monitoring the generator performance and system availability.  As part of wrapping up activity on the Phase 1 project, we extend our thanks to our many generous donors for making this project .  Our chapter and KWUA are so appreciative for the contributions made especially at this extraordinary time in the US and abroad.