Koche Water Users Association (KWUA) Partnership


KWUA Origin: 
Potable water supply facilities were funded by World Bank in 2009. KWUA facilities were designed and installed 2010 through 2012. The system was commissioned Dec 2012. HydroConsult served as consultant on the project. Proman Engineering was the construction contractor. Both companies are based in Malawi. KWUA was formed as a community owned non-profit utility to operate and maintain the potable water supply system. KWUA is well-operated and managed by local personnel from the region. However, KWUA lacks engineering support.

KWUA is currently providing clean water to approximately half of the residents of the region. Neighboring residents also need access to potable water. Additionally, the electrical power supply for the water system is frequently down which impacts KWUA’s ability to deliver water to existing customers.

KWUA requested engineering analysis, design, and implementation support for potential improvements to and expansion of the KWUA system. This work will promote the long-term sustainability and reliability of the system.

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Partnership with EWB-APC:
A partnership between EWB-APC and KWUA was formed Nov 2017.

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