EWB-USA has a three-tiered system for organizing their work through chapters in developing countries.

Programs are established at a regional level. EWB-APC’s program is within the Mangochi District of Malawi.

Within a program, chapters may form one or more partnerships in the region. Partnerships are with a specific community or group of communities. EWB-APC has two partnerships in our current program:

Malawi Children’s Village (MCV)
Koche Water Users Association (KWUA)

Under Partnerships, one or more Projects may be established to support a given community. EWB-APC is supporting several current projects in various stages:

MCV: Potable Water Supply Project (Implemented 2012)
KWUA: Address Risk to Pump Intake (On Hold)
KWUA: Capacity Study (Assessment Study Complete; Report Pending)
KWUA: Energy Supply Improvement Project (Phase 1 Implemented Nov 2020!)